Validating category form 
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We have successfully implemented the category form design. Let's validate if the implemented functionality works as expected.

Maintain category details screen
Login using user id.

Click on the "Category Menu".

"Category Details" menu option will be displayed. Click to open.

Maintain category details screen will be displayed.

Other userids must not have access to the category menu.

Form field validations
Click on the "Add Category" button without entering any value for category code or category description.
Configured error messages will be displayed.

Status messages
Enter valid values for category code and category description field.
Click on the "Add Category" button.
Configured status message "Category code added successfully!" will be displayed.

Click on the "OK" button.

Worktop page will be displayed.

 Inbox - Worktop
Category details workflow states will be displayed in the worktop.
"CategoryList" workflow state will be displayed with the counts of instances in that state.

Click on the count to view the instances.

Category List (Queue List)
The list queue will be displayed with the category details.
"S.No" link can be used to open category instance in the default form.
Alternately, the goto button can also be used to open the instance in the category form.

  What's Next?

At this point you've implemented a simple category form. Now let's get started with parent-child product forms.