Using "User Input" filter 
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In this section, we will implement the "Product List" report that will list the required product details for all the products available in the "Product" master data model. This report must provide the users with the option to filter products by entering the product description.

New "Product List" Report
Click on the "Create Reports" icon. 

"Create new report" dialog box will be displayed. Enter "Product List" in the name field and click on the "OK" button to create a new report.

Configure report filter parameters
The newly created "Product List" report will be displayed in the reports pane.

The filter parameters can be configured for the report by selecting the appropriate value for LHS, Operator, Filter Type and RHS fields.

LHS: All the parameters (public cells) from the current data model will be displayed. 

Operator: List of available operators (>, <, >=, <=, =, !=, In, Like) are displayed.

Filter Type: The different filter options are value, cell, formula, user input and master lookup.

RHS: A textbox will be displayed if the value selected for the filter type is "Value", "Formula",  "User Input" or "Master lookup". A dropdown list with the parameters from the "User" data model will be displayed if the value selected for the filter type is "Cell".

"Create Parameter" button can be used to add additional filter parameters.

When more than one filter parameter is configured using this option, the data satisfying all the filter criteria entered by the user will be displayed in the report.

Configuring "User Input" filter
Enter the following values in the report filter fields.

LHS: select "ProductDescription" from the dropdown list.

Operator: select "=" or "Like" from the dropdown list. Pattern matching is possible using the "Like" operator.

Filter Type: select "User Input" from the dropdown list.

RHS: Enter the filter display field name "Product Description" in the textbox.

Save the changes in server and deploy the application.

Open "Product List" report
Log into the application. 

The report will be automatically added as a menu option. Click on the "Product List" report available under the category menu.


View "Product List" report
The product list report will be displayed as shown. 
Since we didn't specify a queue for the report, the default queue for the "Product" model will be used to display the data.

You can observe that the option to enter the report parameters are automatically added by the system based on the report filter parameters configured in the Studio.


 Filter data displayed in the report

Enter the product description (Product #1) in the report parameter textbox and click on the "Run" button to filter the data.