Trying your hand at creating a data model - An exercise 
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At this point, we have created the category model, product model, product colour model and product size model, and established the necessary relationship between these models. We just to have create the customer orders model and product orders model under orders menu folder, and establish a parent/child relationship between these model to complete the data model for our example application. This is a do-it-yourself exercise - hints are provided for reference.

  Orders Menu: CustomerOrders, ProductOrders data models

Create the customer orders model under orders menu. The customer orders model must have the following parameters.
  • OrderID, "Text"
  • OrderDate, "Date"
  • CustomerID, "Text"
  • OrderStatus, "Text"
  • OrderAmount, "Number"
  • TotalItemsOrdered, "Number"

Create the product orders model as the child of customer orders under orders menu. The product orders model must have the following parameters.
  • OrderID, Parent/child reference to customer orders model
  • CategoryDescription, "Text"
  • ProductDescription, "Text"
  • ProductPrice, "Number"
  • ProductColour, "Text"
  • ProductSize, "Text"
  • Quantity, "Number"
  • Amount, "Number"