Introducing OrangeScape
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OrangeScape is a platform-as-a-service for building domain rich applications, the easiest and fastest way. OrangeScape uses a spreadsheet like development environment, known as OrangeScape Studio, which allows techno-functional experts to convert their ideas into business applications and take them to market. To simplify business application development, it provides a modelling environment  to build data model, business processes and rules using a familiar process design and spreadsheet like interface. OrangeScape is ideal for building process-oriented business applications.

OrangeScape supports a rule based logic for expressing business logic. Rule based logic brings in tremendous power when developing complex business applications. Developers need to only specify what is expected and need not specify when it needs to be executed. OrangeScape rule engine takes care of that.

With OrangeScape, you can build an application once and run it on both - cloud and data center. The application developed using Studio can be deployed as on-premise application using OrangeScape Enterprise or as SaaS application using OrangeScape Cloud.

OrangeScape Enterprise runs on standard application servers on Java or Microsoft environments, with configurable option to use popular relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and IBM DB2. This helps independent software vendors to build a single solution and deploy it on-premise for customers who are not yet ready for SaaS. OrangeScape Cloud leverages the cloud infrastructure of Google App Engine to provide massive scalability and storage capacity.

  Write Once, Cloud Anywhere

OrangeScape is the world’s only platform to build portable business applications that can run on industry leading cloud infrastructures offered by Google, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM. Unlike most alternatives, that are proprietary to one platform, OrangeScape’s technology has the plumbing that is required to enable the independent software vendors to run on different cloud platforms without making changes to their solution. 

Without OrangeScape, it is quite difficult to move an application that is built to work for an RDBMS based approach to leverage App Engine's BigTable or vice-versa. OrangeScape makes this process a breeze. Applications developed on OrangeScape platform can be seamlessly deployed into any of the cloud providers above. It also provides the capability to move existing data into or out of these cloud infrastructures.

  So what are you waiting for? Try out the trial version of OrangeScape at

OrangeScape Developer Challenge Contest

A developer challenge contest was conducted in September ’10 for OrangeScape developer community. Here are some of the applications that were developed using OrangeScape for this contest.