About This Learning Guide
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Whether you want to learn about OrangeScape or you’re simply looking to get the job done effectively, this learning guide has something for you. The learning guide has been divided into four parts. 
  • Part I provides a general introduction to cloud computing, orientation about OrangeScape, its development environment and application development process. It helps you get acquainted and get started with OrangeScape.
  • Part II concentrates on OrangeScape studio, devoting a separate chapter for each of the studio perspectives. It helps you get up to speed with OrangeScape essentials and build an application from scratch.
  • Part III familiarizes you with the implementation options and, additionally, helps you hone your OrangeScape skills to the next level by exploring advanced features.
  • Part IV concludes our exploration of OrangeScape by detailing the guidelines and best practices for designing and developing applications using OrangeScape. It also covers everything (features) that has not been covered in the earlier sections.
This learning guide has been structured in such a way that new users can gain OrangeScape literacy by following a logical progression from Part I through to Part IV and, at the same time, early adopters can jump in, get the information that they need, and jump out. It must be noted that this guide is not a complete reference book as it covers only those topics that are absolutely essential for building and managing applications using OrangeScape.

OrangeScape Application Gallery

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