Exploring the template application deployed on Google App Engine
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Congratulations on successfully deploying your first application on Google App Engine using OrangeScape!

Now, let's explore the deployed application and then review its implementation using OrangeScape. During our exploration of the application, we will try to document the features so that we can review it later and understand how it has been implemented using OrangeScape. The deployed application will be served from the appspot.com domain used for deployment.

Follow the directions given below.

Log into your application at http://your-application-name.appspot.com using "sales@teeq.com" user ID.

Use "sales@teeq.com" User ID to login. Password authentication has not been enabled for this trial application. Hence, the User ID alone would do.

  Application Login Page

Password authentication has not been enabled for this trial application. Login using the user id "sales@teeq.com".

  Application Home Page

"Customer Menu" will be enabled only for the users who have been assigned the sales role.

"Customer Menu" has the "Customer" screen option. Click on this option to open the customer details screen.

  Customer Details Screen
Customer details such as first name, last name, email, phone, date of birth and sex should be entered.

Email, Phone and First name are mandatory fields. Error messages and informational messages are displayed to guide the user.
"Add" button allows customer address details to be added.
Customer address details can be entered.
"Delete" button can be used to delete the redundant address records for a customer.
"Save" button must be used to add a new customer.

"Cancel" button can be used to delete a customer.

  Add Customer
When the valid customer details are entered and "Save" button is clicked, "Customer details added successfully" message will be displayed. The customer status will be updated as "Active".
"Deactivate" button will be enabled and can be used to mark the customer as "Inactive"

Home Page - Worktop

The screen capture shows the home page that will be displayed. This home page is referred to as the "Worktop". It can be observed that the record count for the customers is displayed.
  Click on the record count to view the record details.

Worktop shows the counts for records in all the available activities.
Wondering what a "activity/state" is? Think about data in motion.
  Click here to learn more.

  Customer List Screen
A list of customers is displayed.
"S.No" link can be clicked to open the customer form and edit the details.
Delete button can be clicked to delete a customer from the list (database).

Make Inactive

Click on the "Deactivate" button.

This will help us verify whether the customer status is set to "Inactive".

  Information Messages
"Customer Inactive" message will be displayed. Click on the "OK" button to confirm.
It can be observed that the "Activate" button will now be enabled.

What's the next step?
Understand the functional requirements for the example application.

What's Next?

In the next section, we will look at the application requirements for the example application that we will be developing in Part II.