Exploring HTML forms perspective 
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HTML forms perspective allows the developers to design and implement pixel perfect user interface by providing the ability to create custom HTML forms. In this section, we will explore the HTML forms perspective.

HTML Forms Perspective

The form editor allows you to implement the custom forms. HTML form specification helps to describe the HTML to build custom user interface. It consists of the following:
  • Model level APIs
  • View definitions using JSTL
  • Controller methods
Click here to learn about HTML form specification.

Menu options: 

"Create" option can be used to create a new custom form. The "Save" option can be used to save the changes made in the custom form. You can also open, rename or delete an existing form. 

"Boundary" tab can be used to define the data that is required for a form. Boundary must be defined if the data from the other related models is required. 
"Preview" tab can be used to preview the form design as we develop.

  What's Next?

At this point, you've explored the HTML forms perspective. Now you are ready to create a few sample custom forms and get familiarized with the HTML forms perspective. 

  • Category form
  • Customer form
  • Product form