Creating folders - Organising data models 
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Folder allows you to group logically related data models. 

But why do we have to use folders to group related models? To keep things "tidy and neat"?

Not just that, folders can be easily translated into menu structure in the runtime.

  How to create folders?

Click on the folder icon (as shown in the screen shot) to create a folder under the root application folder.

A dialog box will be displayed as shown. Enter the folder name "Catalog Menu" and click on the OK button.

The newly created "Catalog Menu" folder will be listed under the root application folder in the folders pane.

Opening a folder

To open a folder, click on the folder as shown. 

The data models in the selected folder will be displayed. In our case, the customer and customer address models in the customer folder is displayed.
The selected folder will be highlighted. You can either rename the selected folder or create a new folder under the selected folder by clicking on the appropriate icon.

Renaming a folder

To rename a folder, click on the edit icon next to the folder name of the current folder. A dialog box will be displayed. Enter the new name and click on the OK button.

Create a new folder "Orders Menu" under root application folder.
  It is recommended that you complete these exercises as each chapter/section tries to build on the concept from the earlier chapters/sections.