Adding form to menus 
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Application menus are another important part of an application's UI. Menus offer a reliable interface that reveals application functions and settings. The default application menu that is provided by OrangeScape is the horizontal cascading menu. We have already learnt that the menus are created based on the folder structure for the data models. The menus will be available to the users based on their access privileges.

Insert menu options
Click on the "Visibility" icon.
"Property Dialog" box will be displayed.

Select the "Show in worktop" check box to configure the worktop for category data model.

"Hide from menu" check box can be selected if a form must not be displayed as a menu option. Otherwise, the default form is available as a menu option.
Did you know?
  "Shortcut" can be used to add other forms as menu options.
What's the next step?

Deploying the category form.